Friday, 29 August 2008


20080829 0030 ; M201

公司F9E赞助我们去看LA. Angels of Anaheim (home) vs. Texas Rangers 的MLB棒球赛.

20080828, 凉爽/有点冷的夜. Angel Stadium of Anaheim.
蛮多人, 蛮热闹的. 美国的fans文化, 亲身经历. 到处可见此以各种形式呈现的fans情怀: 球衣, tees, 小旗, 公仔... 电影娱乐新闻中看到的场景经历, 亲身经历.
棒球, 今天第一次开始懂怎么看. 过程有点闷, 但就是这些一点一滴的分数决定胜负. 表面看起来不怎么紧张, 但其实无论比赛, 还是球员, 观众心理状态都是越来越高压的.
不错的比赛, 主队获胜: 7:5~ 看球对一举拿下五分, 反超 (也是最后的比数) 时, 在现场气氛感染下, 找回了些中学时期与同学/球友一起奋战足球场, 看朋友参加的篮球赛时的激情与感动. Ah Neo, 阿春, 田鸡, 高明, Han Keong...

今夜的心情是美好的... 如果现在不是酱迟, 又会不够睡的话.

Monday, 18 August 2008


20080817 : 1646 : M201

Big sun out there with just right climate. Everyone in the house's in their own room or world. No one to disturb other than the sound of the wind brushes the leaves in front of the balcony and sometimes, the airplanes fly by.
Lie up on the floor with carpet by the French window/entrance to balcony + my Sony notebook playing Sodegreen, Ah Yue + surfing net + relaxing slightly burnt and not yet-showered-body after some soccer moment and exercise > big meal. Thinking about nothing serious...

This is kinda like the freedom I'm longing for.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Water bottles.

20080816 : 2317 : 1000 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, OC.

Finally able to cop someone's internet connection with my notebook shifted to living room.

Offline msg. of MSN from da ban : Bought new SIGG waterbottle, 1 litre, top is aluminium...
Small thing, yet means big.
I bought a Camelbak water bottle today.

Means a lot, especiall it is after a long time since we survived with our Nalgene, used to it, till the capacity markings dropped, read article about BPA consist in it is harmful...

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


20080812 ; 0019

Hand stand made me realized how much I love to get my feet into the air. Maybe that's the same reason for me to jump high, to hang in the air.

Just finished 'Resurrecting The Champ'. Josh Hartnett, Samual L. Jackson. Not bad. Like the father role Josh been portrayed. Quoted:
'A writer, like a boxer. Must stand alone. Having your words published, like entering a ring. Puts your talent on display, and there's nowhere to hide...'

Think it's the same for me, as one who draws, paint. And that's the same for everyone. Show your talent's, what you can do, is the only way to proof your worth. Maybe, it gets you close to the answer why are you're here.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

First 50 in CA.

20080806 ; 0019

20080805 Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA.

Had my first 50 free-throws at the neighbour court behind the apartment afterwork.
Bloody dusty, just like the whole CA. Hands were literally black, not to mention feel of the ball. But it's good, it's a challenge :)