Sunday, 29 November 2015

15 11 28 - NB MR10v2: Only for 10 klicks.

My thoughts on the newly acquired New Balance MR10v2 White/Glow in the dark (from warehouse sale, explains this very late review)

10 klicks, and that's all the mileage I am going to clock with them.

Little background information:
- Foot is slight on the wide side.
- Rotation now: NB MR00, Adios Boost 2, NB MT10v2, sometimes Merrell Bare Access 3.
- 5-10km/session. Once a week.

Reasons for shelving them:

1. Narrow insole: At the forefoot, the non-removable insole (and I think it's also the strobel, as it is at the same height as the upper that wrapped underneath) is considerably narrower than the width of the mid/outsole.
That means even when my forefoot (width) is contained by the mid/outsole, I am stepping on the edges of the strobel and upper/where the two materials meet, at every gait.

2. Overly spacious forefoot: The forefoot has too much dead space, especially vertically. They reminded me of Merrell Bare Access 3. It is good to be able to splay and wiggle your toes, but when it is overdone, support and stability are compromised.
My forefoot were sliding in all directions during the run.

3. Form-altering heel: Caused by the imbalance heel cushion setup. During the (only) run, I realized I was pronating more than I usually do. It got me puzzled until I observed the mid/outsole after: Solid rubber for traction applied only at the lateral side of the heel; on the medial side,
only soft REVlite midsole material, and it has already started to compress and curled outward.

4. Stiff and poorly ventilated upper. I am not sure if this happen only for this "Glow in the dark" colourway. The normal lineup colourways seemed to sport actual hexagonal mesh sandwiched by another mesh overlay, as opposed to the hexagon print on high-density mesh on this colourway.
It is not going to conform or stretch, and it is not going to ventilate.

Now, I am not sure what to do with them.

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