Friday, 7 November 2014

14 11 07

Jog today, was just like any other session, except it was drizzling. Cool and slight damped.
I looked down, the silhouette reflected on the wet asphalt told you you're in form, looked good, and keep moving. With the wet socks shifted into my palms, my feet inside the well, if not overly-perforated mesh toeboxes of rotation today, seasoned Orange/black Mizuno Evo Cursoris took their time cutting through and enjoying the cold air with every stride.
The route clocked, even with the slight earlier than usual starting point, surprised me: thought-to-be 6km route turned out to be 8.2+km from the online map calculation. The worrying speed that dropped to 8km/h region recently, in this run, turned out to be 11.88km/h, with 41'25" recorded. I can only say the workout paid off.

Alright now, keep moving on~

跑著低下頭看著倒影在濕了的柏油路面的剪影,映出的是推動力。風迎面吹,冷的。除去被踏步動作濺進鞋裡的水浸濕了的短襪,已經磨合了的橙/黑 Mizuno Evo Cursoris 栓頭超大孔網布讓腳丫得到公平對待,搶先享受著第一手冷風的待遇。
以為大概六公里來回的路程,就算加上今次比平時較早的算入熱身路段的計時也不會多到哪裡。身體感知的速度,時間也差不多。但是測量的結果,是八點二+公里。用網上計算器, 8.2公里, 41分25秒:速度是11.88km/h。最近徘徊在 8 - 9 km/h 的自己有點驚訝。


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