Wednesday, 10 September 2014

14 09 09 Sneaker Scene Rant

   Airbag is the way to go. Lunarlon, no.
   It is intriguing to observe people's behaviour of worshipping a brand, that they perceive things selectively, ie. only the positive informations.
First, Lunarlon by the swoosh.
   Even the recent iteration ( I cannot say for the latest models like HD2014 because I have not tried them, but I am not far behind with Kobe 8), the longevity of foam is just disappointing. The foam was compressed, deformed and responsiveness was lost after a couple of months of not-frequent casual wears. Yes, no competitive ball games. I noticed the deterioration of responsiveness especially when I used it for badminton session, with my physical capability taken into calculation.
   Most, if not all the renowned sneakers reviewers on internet community give Lunarlon positive review. I am not sure how much play time did they actually clock that concluded that, but it can easily be speculated lesser than most of the consumers out there that going to use them on the court till they are not in usable condition, and cushioning bottomed up is NOT one of the conditions.
Second, traction pattern.
   Most, again, if not all, the popular player signature models are designed with traction design and material and is good for indoor court, and going to burn out in no time on outdoor surfaces. Take from my experience and observation: Kobe 6-9, Lebron 11, Hyper rev, Superfly 2, XX8/M10. They are either designed with thin pattern or used pliable rubber, none of these shows consideration for outdoor usage. The models specified designed for outdoor use, are either treated with mid-range technology and set-up or stripped-down version of the signature models.

  These not only showed the lack of consideration from the brand (I do not want to go to the direction of thinking the business strategy of the brand that tries to portray it is alright to not judge a performance-based product from performance standpoint, but how luxurious it can be. At the same time,pragmatic-based products are being portrayed as lower standard), but more importantly, the fact that the consumers are responding like fans of the brand, lost the rationale-based reasoning, willingly trade the products as they are with hard cash, and do not seemed to question the value of their purchases is more amusing to me.

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