Saturday, 8 March 2014

14 03 08

Not easy to find a quiet cafe (no mass public crowd, drinking people and the fuss followed) open late. So when you found one, cherish it. Cherish it by support it.
Friday night, perfect timing. There I was at Stateland cafe again. Stayed till almost their closing time, midnight. A hot chocolate, and later Cappuccino with Terra Firma,  familiar bean that brought back little recent lovely memories.
To top it, friendly chat with the owner and service from the other co-founder chaps.

Today/now, tried Dean & Deluca, Cappuccino. Kinda expected not having latter art, but it's vindicated with the amount of foam... how a Cappuccino should be. With the smacks of poker faces and attitude by the service crew, I don't expect barista to etch a neko for me
Shot was fairly acidic but not quite aromatic, to the me now.