Monday, 3 December 2012

Another run

Few notes from the run today:

1. Nike's new generation running shorts with brief is not quite comfortable to wear sheer without extra underwear, as compared to the traditional triangular version with spandex rings around the joints. This being said because the separation between the skin of thigh and lower belly (if this the right term) is not complete, and abrasion happens in spite of the compression brief.

2. It is not a good idea to run after the one-leg-squat exercise in the afternoon. My vastus medialis's and lateralis's were lethargic, gluteus medius on the left was/is giving me signal of its overload.

3. Here is what you get from switching between minimalist and traditional sneakers: your abdutor digiti minimi is aching during the switch, of the restraint from minimalist to traditional; of the lack of support from traditional to minimalist. the plushiness of the forgiving Lunarlon made my feet cosy and lazy on keeping the running form, but make no mistake, my knees signalled me the neglection not long after the run.

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