Saturday, 20 December 2008



Ontario Mills trip.

Took freeways (highway/expressways) up North, street roads back.
Long long drive. But it's fun, to drive, always.

Way up, 70,80mph to heavy traffic with 40mph moving speed, to turtle speed... assorted.
Way back. 1 hour from Mills to Harbor blvd. Another 50 mins. to The Cape. Scenery along the way's much more interesting. Up-market residencial, small shopping areas, sub-urb., single-lane road with no street lights (like the route of Mersing - Kluang), Disneyland...back to the old South Coast Drive.

Interesting to bump into MH + KH, who lost their way on the way back from LA. & finally found themselves the correct path :D Shall use throttle next time, instead of horn.

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